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Paula Ogden-Muse
Post # 23
11-25-2023 | 09:14 PM
Ida Francis Eaton Ogden

Additional information about Ida Francis Eaton Ogden:

As I understand it;

She was born in Miller’s Peace, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY on September 21, 1857

Her parents were
Charles Newell Eaton and Ellen Francis Holman. They were married 1-12-1854
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Paula Ogden-Muse
Post # 22
11-25-2023 | 09:01 PM
Ida Francis Eaton Ogden

Ida Francis Eaton Ogden (1857-1935) was married to Corvino LeRoy Ogden (1857-1916).

As I understand it, she was from Five Mile River (possibly in Connecticut) and they were married by Reverend Hudson Holden at East Woods Church.

They had 3 children:
Amy Francis Eaton Ogden (1883-est 1970)
Merritt Reynolds Ogden (1893-1987)
Irwin Burnell Ogden (1893-1984)

Irwin was my paternal grandfather.

Is Ida a descendant of the Eaton of the Mayflower?

Thank you,
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Christopher Hupp
Post # 21
11-23-2023 | 01:04 PM
Family research

My mother’s maiden surname was Eaton. Her name was Berta Lois Eaton. Her father was William Forest Eaton. His father was George Washington Eaton. I have been trying to understand if and how they descended fro. Francis Eaton. Can anyone help?
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Rosemary Eaton-Gibson
from Hawaii | Maui
Post # 20
11-13-2023 | 03:34 AM

Father Emmett Cecil Eaton born in Ohio 1800’s
Trying to find name of his father (my grandfather) who was the country
Doctor in Ohio
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Kirsten Marie Eaton McCarty
from Espanola | United States
Post # 19
11-11-2023 | 10:22 AM
Where we come from

Hi, I have extensive work on my tree in Ancestry. My family is buried in Decatur, TX, Jenkins Springs, Tx and the Eaton Gravesite in Thornton, TX.
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Post # 18
11-04-2023 | 05:42 AM
My Grandfather was Charles Eaton DOB.1876
Gorton Manchester Lancashire UK
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Maureen Eaton
from Gloucester | United States of America
Post # 17
10-20-2023 | 11:45 AM

Good afternoon. I was born Maureen Eaton in June of 1966 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I was adopted and my name was changed. I would like very much to shake myself free of that fact and investigate further my membership within our family and what duties may be required of me to restore the honor of my name. Thank you kindly for any support you choose compassionately to provide.
Maureen Eaton
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Annette Withington
from Lander,wy 82520
Post # 16
10-18-2023 | 01:07 PM

Dusty Mondragon posted on 03-22-2023 | 11:36 PM:

Membership Question

Douglas MacMillan posted on 01-24-2023 | 08:40 PM:


Welcome to our new guestbook! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the Eaton Families Association and Eaton family questions you may have. We will do our best to answer.
I am wondering if membership dues for the first time person is $40 or $60? I am interested in joining and hail from John Eaton of Dedham.
I do not know if i owe dues at this time
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Deborah Ingram
from Tennessee | USA
Post # 15
10-10-2023 | 10:56 AM
Decendants of William Eaton and Sarah Pinkethman

I found a lot of information about these descendants on your Facebook page. I am still working through the many lines. My Grandmother was Nannie Gray Eaton Naron whose parents were Eli and Beulah Eaton. I had previously worked on our Eaton family tree and still have a few "holes" and questions, but had made it back to William and Sarah. I appreciate all of the information found from your members. Thank you.
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Keith Evans
from Boston | USA
Post # 14
10-05-2023 | 09:57 AM
Possible relation

I've been told throughout my life by my mother that we are related to Francis Eaton (on my mother's side), but I haven't been able to obtain proof. I would love to learn more... or receive some advise on how to gain proof.
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