Eyton Eyton Project

Eyton Project

Medieval Eyton/Eaton History Project

Off and on over ten years the Eaton Families Association has been researching Eaton roots in Medieval England. We have decided to make a more formal process to help move to the next phase and have defined from the early 13th century to the late 16th century as the time period to document. The objective is to find how Medieval Eatons/Eytons are related to the immigrants in America. While speculation abounds, sources that prove it all have limited documentation, which is what the project is all about.


We need your help and are soliciting volunteers to do research and compile it into some sort of order. If you are interested, or if you have questions, please contact Barbara Fitzsenry editor@eatongenealogy.com. This project is open to members and non members; anyone who has an interest. We have already had several volunteers who have agreed to participate, but more will be needed if we intend to make this effort truly worthwhile.


Below is an outline of the project, which should answer basic questions.

Eaton Families Association
Medieval Eyton Project

Objectives: Identify important Eyton and Eaton family lineages in Medieval England and Wales and determine if/how they relate to early American Eaton Immigrants

The project includes:


         Documentation of proof of data

         Determinationof validity of sources

         Creation of a database for posting on the EFA Website

Specifics include the following:

I.    Determine the relationship between the Shropshire and Welsh families, and who is oldest known ancestor


  • Eytons of Wealdmores/Wildmores
  • Eytons of Marsh (de Merse)
  • Eytons of Alberbury
  • Eytons of Wrexham
  • Eytons of Ellesmere
  • Eytons of Denbighshire /Ruabon
  • Eytons of Watstay/Wynnstay
  • Eytons of Leeswood
  • Eatons of Cheshire



II.    Determine the parentage of progenitor: Robert de Eyton, Lord of Eyton on the Wealdmores


  1. Ancestry possibilities are:

1. Robert de Eyton is descended from William Pantulf, 1st Baron of Wem.

2. Robert de Eyton (or his father) married a Pantulf heiress.

3. Robert de Eyton is descendant of a Warin, vassal of the Pantulfs

4. Robert de Eyton is descended from the Eytons of Marsh/de Merse (thus the Eytons of Wales)

5. Robert de Eyton is son of yet to be determined father.

  1. Wife of Robert de Eyton - Possibilities:
    FitzAlan/FitzWarin/Pantulf/Peverel/de Marsh-Merse/de Say/de la Pole

  2. Descendants: Document and expand.

III.    Determine validity of pivotal female lines to include Hussey, Talbot, Cresset, & Brereton

IV.    Determine ancestry of Theophilus Eaton's father Richard Eaton of Warwickshire/Great Budworth, Cheshire

V.    Determine ancestry of John Eaton of Radnorshire, Immigrant to PA

VI.    Determine/prove strong possibility Theophilus (IV) and John (V) are related

Source documentation is important. Sources will be considered primary unless noted as secondary. Circumstantial evidence may be acceptable upon explanation in context with historical facts.

Database will be maintained on the Eaton Families Association website.

More specific sub- projects may be implemented as part of the whole and will be listed after the project begins. The key to success is to focus on one portion, complete to the best of abilities and then move on to another.

The Project leader will define the sub projects and determine the order in which they should proceed.